Bony Bumps and Arthritis

Hallux rigidus is often caused by either faulty biomechanics or abnormalities in a foot structure, both of which can lead to bone spurs as well as an onset of osteoarthritis. This form of arthritis is the type that results in “wear and tear” issues, especially in joints.

When you have developed this condition in your first MTP joint, there are various nonsurgical treatment measures that can be effective when the problem is caught early enough. These include:

  • Orthotic Devices – Our office can take measurements of your feet and create orthotics especially for you that can improve foot function.
  • Shoe Modifications – Change your footwear to ones that have a large toe box to place less pressure on your affected toe.
  • Medications – Our staff can provide recommendations for medication that will reduce your pain and inflammation in the area.
  • Injection Therapy – Injecting corticosteroids is another option that can be used to decrease the pain and inflammation that accompanies this condition.

If you need more information about how hallux rigidus can affect you, or you want expert podiatric care to take care of a bone spur, contact Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona in Chandler, AZ. Call us at (480) 963-9000, or use our online form to request an appointment.

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