Cracked Heels and Diabetic Complications

It’s tough to keep skin from drying out around here! Between our hot and sunny days, time spent in pools, and lack of moisture in the air, skin can get pretty darn parched. When it’s the skin on your feet that is affected, it’s not uncommon for heels to crack. For many people, this condition (also known as heel fissures) can be embarrassing and unsightly, but when you have diabetes, this seemingly cosmetic problem can lead to dangerous complications!

Diabetic feet are already prone to dry skin due to the negative effects of out-of-control blood sugar levels. Nerve damage, also associated with the disease, can result in cracks forming without you even feeling or noticing them. Add to this a compromised immune system along with poor circulation, and the door is left wide open for cracked heels to become infected. What starts as a small crack in the skin can end up a serious situation — from a wound that won’t heal to gangrene and even the possibility of amputation!

Fortunately, you can stop the formation of dangerous heel fissures, by simply being diligent with diabetic foot care. Manage your blood sugar levels, improve blood flow with exercise, check your feet daily, and moisturize dry skin – especially on your heels! If you spot a crack in your skin, call us so we can treat it promptly and you can avoid any serious consequences.

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