Hand Me Down Shoes Could Hurt Your Kids

Your oldest child hits a growth spurt, so you tuck away some of his outgrown clothes and shoes for his younger brother to wear at a later time. Does this sound familiar, parents?

As parents ourselves, we relate to the budget-friendly idea of getting the most use out of kids’ clothing since they tend to grow out of things quickly. However, as podiatrists, we want to make sure you are aware of some untold truths of “hand-me-down” or secondhand footwear.

Shoes show wear and tear differently than clothing. For instance, kids’ shoes mold to their feet. If a child is wearing used shoes, their feet are being forced into the molded shape of another child’s foot. This means your child may end up with blisters, foot pain, or other complications.

The size and condition of secondhand shoes may hurt your child’s feet, too. Shoes that are too big can cause discomfort, tripping, and difficulty in walking. Overworn shoes tend to offer little to no support, which isn’t great for growing feet. If the soles are broken-in quite a bit, it is best to toss the shoes.

Hand-me-down or used clothing items may make sense for a certain time or need; however, it may be best to reconsider the idea of kids’ hand-me-down shoes for the long run.

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