Top Tips To Keep Bunions From Worsening

For those of you with bunions, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is, unfortunately, bunions are a progressive foot deformity that will not shrink or improve over time. Once a bump has formed at the base of your big toe, it’s there to stay (unless you get surgery to remove it).

But there is good news! Although you may not be able to reverse the damage that’s already been done, if you act quickly you may be able to stop it from getting worse. And if you manage symptoms effectively, you could remove the need for surgery. Here’s your approach:

  • Don’t wear high heeled or narrow-pointed footwear. They cramp your toes and put a lot of weight and pressure on the front of the feet, which can make the bunion worse.
  • Don’t wear unsupportive flats.
  • Do choose footwear with good cushioning and arch support, and plenty of room inside the toebox to accommodate your bunion without a lot of friction. Laces and Velcro are much more preferable over slip-ons, too.
  • Do come see us about whether or not a cushioned insole or custom orthotic device could make a difference. Such devices can provide extra shock absorption and support, protecting the bunion from excess force and pressure.
  • Don’t stubbornly try to deal with everything yourself! The longer you wait to see us, the worse the bunion can get. A careful evaluation from our podiatric team can help you get on the prevention and treatment program you need to relieve symptoms and avoid surgery.

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