Do You Need Peroneal Tendon Surgery?

December is usually the coolest month of the year in the Phoenix area—a great time to participate in the Farmer 5K. This timed family event features prizes for top male and female runners and breakfast afterward, plus it raises funds for United Food Bank to help those struggling with food security over the holidays. Beware, though: if you suddenly increase your training regimen for a 5K, you run the risk of damage to your feet and ankles, including a peroneal tendon injury.

Several things can go wrong with these connectors between your calf muscles and your midfoot and arch. They run along behind your outer ankle bone and can be injured in a sprain or develop chronic issues from overuse—such as a sudden upping of distance or speed as you run.

You could experience tendonitis (inflammation) in the tissue, or tendinosis—a thickening and weakening of the band from repetitive stress. The tendon could also fray or tear, or even move out of position (subluxation). Common symptoms for these various injuries include pain, swelling, weakness or instability, or even a snapping sound as you rotate your foot.

Most of the time these conditions will heal with rest and immobilization, along with any pain medication or physical therapy we prescribe to help with discomfort and recondition your ankle. Sometimes, however, a severely injury may require peroneal tendon repair to knit back together, or surgery to correct structural issues so the tendons stay in position.

To know what treatment will be best for your situation, consult the podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona. We will offer an accurate diagnosis and design a plan to get you back on your feet as soon as safely possible. Call our office at (480) 963-9000 to set up an examination and help you decide on the best therapy.

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