Even smokers are aware that their habit is an unhealthy one. But how exactly does smoking, or quitting smoking, affect your body’s natural healing powers? You’re about to find out. Below, we go into detail about how your body will heal better when the smoking stops. For instance, your blood flow improves and your body gets more of the oxygen it needs for healing wounds. Your immune system functions better, too. Your mind is able to heal once the addiction is no longer in charge. Even healing from erectile dysfunction is possible.

These issues become even more important as you age. Read on to learn how quitting smoking can improve your aging body’s ability to heal.

1. Smoking Poisons Your Body

First of all, smoking poisons your lungs with toxins. It also causes breathing/circulation problems and increases your risk of several diseases, including cancer. These conditions are the first to improve as you quit.

Besides that, what else weakens your body and increases your risk of diseases? Aging does. For this reason above all others, quitting smoking is an essential part of aging healthily.

2. Quitting Smoking Increases Oxygen in Your Body

One of the most obvious effects of smoking is that it causes you to get winded more easily. This is because it lowers the function of your lungs and decreases your body’s level of oxygen. Oxygen is very important for healing wounds. So, quitting improves your body’s ability to do this.

3. It Improves Blood Flow

Likewise, your circulatory system is what brings oxygen to your healing parts. Smoking causes a number of circulation problems and even increases your risk of heart/vascular diseases. Fortunately, quitting improves this as well. This also improves your body’s ability to heal from wounds. In addition, it allows your cardiovascular system to heal from the conditions we just mentioned.

4. It Improves Your Immune System

Smoking also lowers the activity and amount of white blood cells in your body. These are the same white blood cells that help your body fight off diseases and infections. Thus, quitting will significantly improve the functions of your immune system.

5. It Can Heal Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking causes poor circulation, which is also a common cause of erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing ED, it may be from your smoking habit. Thus, it’s likely your ED will heal when you quit. Even if smoking isn’t the cause, improving your circulation will certainly help.

6. It Promotes True Mental Healing

Many medical professionals classify addiction as a disease. It’s a dependency, without which your mind doesn’t know how to cope with the stress and problems of life. Healing from this condition only happens through abstinence. By quitting, you heal both your mind and your body of this disease.

Quitting Smoking Is the Key to Healing

Healthy aging cannot happen unless you quit as soon as possible. Start the healing process now by quitting smoking.

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