Slow Down Bunions with Exercise

Stretching and exercising won’t eliminate your bunions, since this is a bony deformity. They can, however, help alleviate your pain and slow the progression of the condition. They force tightened tissues to relax, and help your stabilizing muscles work better. Here are a few motions you can use to improve the condition of your feet:

  • Toe Flexes and Curls – Spread out your toes and hold for 10 seconds, then relax and repeat. Then, curl your toes under and hold them there for 10 seconds before you relax and repeat.
  • Big Toe Manipulation – Stretch your big toe away from its smaller neighbors.
  • Resistance Stretches – Use a towel looped around your big toe to pull it away from the small toes. While you do this, press your toe downward against the towel.
  • Towel Curls – Set a towel on the floor. Using just your toes, grab the towel and scrunch it closer to yourself.
  • Playing Pick-Up – Use your feet to grab marbles or other small objects off the floor and put them into a bowl.

Exercise works the tissues your body uses to stabilize your biomechanics, which can help support the foot. It can also counteract the faulty mechanics that may have led or contributed to your bunions. While this won’t correct the problem with the bones, it can slow down its progression and relieve some of your discomfort. If you’re struggling with bunion pain or trying to prevent the problem from getting worse, contact Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona to see how we can help. You can call, fax, or use our website to contact us for an appointment: call (480) 963-9000 or fax (480) 963-0375.

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