Types of Bone Spurs in the Feet

A bone spur is simply a growth of excess bone tissue on a normal bone. Contrary to the name, most of the types of bone spurs are not actually sharp or pointed. Often, these growths are smooth. They are formed as your body tries to repair or protect itself, usually in response to rubbing, stress, or pressure experienced over time.

Types of bone spurs include:

  • Heel Spurs – Spurs that form as the bone attempts to mend itself on the bottom of the heel. One of the potential causes for a heel spur is extra pressure due to being overweight, so it is important to maintain a healthy bodyweight.
  • Pump Bumps – These can happen to anyone, but are more likely to be seen in women who frequently wear pumps, thus the name. High heel shoes with rigid backs can create the stress and pressure on the back of the foot to lead to the excess bone growth.
  • General Bone Spurs – Most spurs are general in nature and it is likely that you won’t even know that you have one if it is not causing an issue.

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