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Tendonitis can cause great discomfort in the affected area of your body. If you’re in pain, turn to podiatrists and board-certified foot and ankle surgeons Alex Stewart, DPM, Antonius Su, DPM, and their team at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona in Chandler, Arizona. They have the expertise and experience to treat your tendonitis. Call the office today or click the convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a condition that involves inflammation or irritation of a tendon, the thick cord that attaches muscle to bone. It commonly occurs in areas of the body where tendons are subjected to repetitive motion and stress.

Achilles tendonitis, which affects the Achilles tendon in the heel, and peroneal tendonitis, which affects the peroneal tendon in the ankle, are two common forms of this condition.

Tendonitis can be painful and limiting, but the team at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona offers effective treatment to help you return to your usual routine.

What causes tendonitis?

The primary cause of tendonitis is overuse or repetitive movements that place excess strain on the affected tendon. Activities like sports, manual labor, or hobbies that involve repetitive motions can lead to tendonitis

Sudden injuries or trauma can also cause tendonitis, such as a fall or direct impact on the tendon.

What are the symptoms of tendonitis?

The symptoms of tendonitis can vary depending on the affected area, but common signs include:

  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort when moving the affected joint
  • Reduced range of motion

Tendonitis pain often worsens during or after the activity that caused it, and it may become a chronic issue if left untreated.

How is tendonitis treated?

Treatment for tendonitis typically involves a combination of rest, pain management, and physical therapy. Key components of tendonitis treatment include:

  • Rest: modify the activity that caused the condition
  • Ice and heat: apply ice to reduce inflammation and heat to promote blood flow
  • Pain management: over-the-counter pain relievers or prescribed medication, as needed
  • Physical therapy: exercises and stretches to strengthen the tendon, improve flexibility
  • Bracing or splinting: immobilize the affected area to allow for healing

Tendonitis is a common foot and ankle condition. An early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential to prevent it from becoming a chronic problem. 

Your provider at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona performs a thorough exam and asks about your symptoms to make a diagnosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan.

The goal is to help you effectively manage tendonitis so you can return to your regular activities with less discomfort. 

If you suffer from tendonitis, rely on the Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists of Arizona team for an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan. Click the online scheduler to book an appointment or call the friendly office staff today.