Our practice is now offering SWIFT microwave treatment for plantar warts!

Swift therapy is one of the latest technologies in treatment. It utilizes microwave energy delivered through a special probe to treat affected tissue. The technology has been proven to be quite effective in the treatment of warts.

It is worth pointing out that warts are quite common, especially in children. Studies indicate that up to 33% of children and teenagers have warts. Around 3 to 5% of adults also have them.

The infection causes the development of rough, skin-colored bumps on your skin. The worst part is that you can get warts by simply coming into contact with an affected person. It is for that reason that swift therapy becomes an essential technique in treatment.

What To Expect from Swift Therapy?

The first step to getting swift therapy treatment is to call our office at (480) 963-9000. The patient will then schedule a meeting and visit with Dr. Su.

The doctor will carry out initial tests to ascertain that you have plantar warts before creating a treatment schedule. In most cases, you may have to visit the treatment center three or four times over a few months.

Every session of treatment may include light debridement. This doesn’t cause any pain, nor does it break the skin. Afterward, the doctor will deliver quick doses of microwave energy through the SWIFT device.

The last doses may be characterized by one second of a mild burning sensation. The pain only lasts a second or two after dose delivery. In most cases, patients will notice their warts reducing in size within a few treatments.

Some of the benefits of SWIFT microwave therapy include:

  • Less pain compared to older treatment methods
  • It does not damage healthy skin
  • It is quite simple, with no mess
  • It is quite effective, with a success rate of almost 90%
  • No open wounds or blisters

These are just some of the reasons why we decided to offer swift microwave therapy in our office. Please call us at our office in Chandler at (480) 963-9000, or contact us online to schedule an appointment. As soon as possible.